Thursday, July 3, 2014

Louisville/Winston County Volunteers Needed

A local daycare that was displaced due to the April 28th Tornado is having to relocate and needs volunteer assistance.  Some preparation work for the new site is needed including painting and sprucing up the new space.  Work also includes organizing, packing, moving, and unpacking the furnishings and supplies for the daycare.  This is an ideal project for a youth group, school club, or community organization of 8 – 14 participants.  Work needs to be completed prior to July 15th. Please contact Winston STRONG Volunteer Coordination at 405-403-1817 to volunteer or for more information contact
Bro. Hubert E. Yates
Winston STRONG (CBRC)/Volunteer Management Coordinator
Volunteer Coordination Phone:  405-403-1817
Volunteer Coordination Email: