Thursday, July 10, 2014

City of Moss Point Contributes!!

Officials from the City of Moss Point were in Louisville on Wednesday to "Pay it Forward" for victims of April's tornado. Mayor Billy Broomfield, Police Chief Art McClung and Alderman at Large Houston Cunningham were at Louisville City Hall to show support for Louisville and Winston County as well as make $13,000 worth of donations.

Mayor Broomfield said officials in Moss Point wanted to know what they could do to help after learning of the April 28 tornado that tore through Louisville and Winston County.

“Where we live, it’s not a matter of if but when we may be devastated by a hurricane and we want to say that our hearts are with you and show how we understand your pain. I am a public servant who believes in the power of the Lord and we hope to help in our small way by bringing this $13,000 to help you.”

Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung,
Moss PointMayor Billy BroomField,
Mike Dowd of Winston Strong,
Louisville Mayor Will Hill and Moss
Point Alderman - at - Large
Houston Cunningham

Spearheaded in the Moss Point Police Department, fundraising including “lock-up” events and crawfish boils. The funds were dispersed as gift cards with only one requirement; that law enforcement officials who were affected by the storm receive a portion of the funds.

Mayor Will Hill welcomed the Moss Point officials noting the strong support that our area has received from South Mississippi - “They have received help in the past and are now paying it forward.”

Other than the law enforcement officials who received funds, case workers with Winston Strong evaluated needs and chose 10 additional recipients of $1000 each in gift cards. Mike Dowd of Winston Strong indicated that this was a part of reaching out to anybody and everybody to help get this community back on its feet. Said Dowd, “These funds are just another piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

(from WinstonWebNews)